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Monday, November 7, 2016

Choices to Be Made

Overlooking Back Creek, Annapolis
You may be wondering why we are still in Maryland.  After all, it’s getting cooler, and clearly, it is time to be heading south before it’s full-on winter.  The major wave of live-aboard cruisers have already begun the trek south and here we are, in a charming, old marina in Galesville, MD.  

Established 1865
Hartge Yacht Harbor is just 20 minutes south of Annapolis as the car drives, and 4 miles south as the boat sails.  It was the perfect place to leave our boat while we went to visit family in Memphis.  Now that we’re back to the boat, we’ve decided that we will have our bottom job done here.  For non-sailors, let me define “bottom-job.”  
Northern Star, freshly hauled out of the water.

Boats that sit in the water all the time get yucky looking things growing on their bottoms….barnacles, algae, and other stuff—stuff that doesn’t smell very good when the boat is pulled out of the water, AND makes the boat slower. If the bottom of the boat was never cleaned and painted, it would ultimately break down the surface and cause damage to the  structure itself.  
Jax seems to think this is comfortable.

Every couple of years, give or take, one needs to have the boat pulled out of the water and all that gunk cleaned off the bottom.  Then, the bottom of the hull (the part that is always sitting in the water) gets a new paint job--a “bottom-job.”  Anti-fouling paint—special paint (appropriately expensive, of course) will help protect the bottom until the next bottom job.  

Our boat up on the hard and Jax waiting below.
Our choice came down to this--do we have the bottom job done right here in Galesville, or do we wait until we get father south.  Deltaville in Virginia is a popular place to have boat work done because they tend to be a little more economical than many other places along the route south.  Our final decision was made based upon, guess who—Jax, our Border Collie wonder dog. 

Hartge Yacht Harbor has the distinct advantage of having a little guest cottage available for us to stay in while the boat is up on the hard.  Carl and I COULD have stayed on the boat. We could have just climbed a ladder to get up into the boat.  But, the thought of hoisting a terrified, squirming Jax up and down the ~16 feet by some sort of make-shift pulley contraption a few times each day—well, it gave us pause.  When this reality hit us squarely between the eyes, the choice was a no-brainer. We would have the bottom job done here.
Great little guest cottage at the marina

So, here we are, the day before the national election and because of the guest cottage, we have a huge flat-screen TV to watch the election returns tomorrow night.  Wow! 

The guest cottage even has a large front porch.  Perfect!
We really don’t watch TV unless we’re staying on land, so this is a big deal.  We’re going to make popcorn and settle in for the evening.  Although we don’t watch TV on the boat, we DO listen to NPR and read news on our MacBook and iPad.  Between those things, we have heard plenty of pre-election coverage.  To quote my father, I’d say it’s “been enough to choke a horse.” We mailed our absentee ballots back to Florida a week ago.   Now we wait for the nations’ choice to be announced.

Thursday's, a restaurant next to Hartge Yacht Harbor

Here’s what I can’t understand though.  There are people, even at this late date who say they haven’t decided yet who they’re going to vote for!  Seriously?  What are they waiting for?  I mean, really?  They can’t decide?  Well, here’s what I want to say about that. “I can’t decide,” is something you say at a restaurant when the menu is huge and you are overwhelmed with the many good options.  You look it over and then with relief, see that there are two specials to choose from—that makes it easier, right?  And in THIS scenario, choosing one of the specials over the other will not cost you more money (at least not in the short-term).  
Barbequed ribs in Memphis

The first special is a Grilled Sirloin served with a savory mushroom sauce, baked Sweet Potato loaded with butter, and a green salad.  The other is a a Meat and Rutabaga Pot Pie stuffed with some kind of white sauce. What do you do?  Hmmm, let me think….  Do you say, “Gee, the sirloin sounds great, but I’d rather have the mystery meat pot pie.”  
Restaurant in the Bahamas

No! No, you don’t say that.  All manner of questionable things could be in that poorly advertised pot pie, pretty though it may be.  All you can be certain of is that when you cut into it, it’s going to be full of hot air and will smell like rutabagas.  I, for one, am not willing to flip a coin and go for whatever’s behind Door #3.  I’m just not that much of a risk-taker.  But I guess some folks are. 
Who's this guy voting for?

Oh, but maybe the undecided are secretly planning to write-in their choice for President.  Oh, sure, why not just tell your server to have the chef send out “whatever is left over in the fridge.”  Sure, why not.  

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