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Friday, October 30, 2015

Last Day in Annapolis--Seriously, It IS

posted by Ardys

The whirlwind before departure began with our trusted electronics workman, Richard, completing his work.  The new AGM batteries are working; we have better W-Fi connection with our Wirie;  the Garmin chartplotter, autopilot and radar are all conversing nicely.  AIS is broadcasting our location to the world for anyone who looks for NORTHERN STAR.   As Richard moved off the boat with all his tools and supplies, we dug into the task of “reclaiming” our boat’s living space again. 

For five weeks, everything aboard has been in chaos.  What normally is stored in the lazarette has been fastened to the deck of the boat.  All the stuff that we carry in our “garage” (AKA aft cabin) needed to be moved back into the garage.  Our large storage area in the bow needed to be organized.  We went to the grocery store together and provisioned well.  In spite of many people advising us that there really are grocery stores where we are going, we probably stocked up more than we needed to do.  Somehow, I find the surplus comforting.

For our final breakfast in Annapolis, we enjoyed going to the Iron Rooster with four old friends from Duluth, MN who happen to be here in Annapolis on the sail boat, Ranger.  The Iron Rooster is one of our favorite restaurants and I can highly recommend it.  After a dinghy ride back to our boat across Back Creek, our day became very busy. 

Carl scrubbed and washed down the outside of the boat—long neglected by virtue of the boat not having moved for 5 weeks during all the upgrades.  Likewise, the interior of the boat had become home to plenty of dirt and tumbleweeds of dog hair that lay hidden beneath all the bags, cushions, tools, and supplies that had been piled here and there for those 5 weeks.  I gave my husband a 

 Micro vacuum by Shop Vac for his birthday—a lightweight 1 gal. vacuum cleaner with the heart of a giant.  That was put to good use.  We have reached an age and a stage in our relationship where this sort of gift is genuinely appreciated.  The shop vac is worth its’ weight in gold and will be used far more than the little glass Weems and Plath magnification weight with compass that I also gave him. 

For our final evening in Annapolis, we were treated to a lovely dinner aboard Narwhal, a 38’ Sabre owned by some new good friends.  We will miss spending time with them but we will stay in touch and see them again when we travel back up the East Coast next year.  The wine and cheese were excellent and the scallops and squash risotto were perfect!  Thank you, thank you.  The timing couldn’t have been better since we were exhausted by putting our boat back together.  

A few weeks ago, I made a photo album on our MacBook which I called “Our Last Week in Annapolis.”  Clearly, my estimation of our departure date was incredibly off, due at least in part to my limited experience with living through major upgrades.  This time, our departure is certain.  We leave tomorrow morning to begin our meandering journey down the coast, eventually to end up in the Bahamas for the winter.  

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